Ghana Health Service Assessment of AX Nursery Inclusive Initiative

Having the Ghana Health Service committee members over on Monday 17th September 2018 was exciting, as it was evident that the need for breastfeeding corners or nurseries in work places was catching up with the Corporate world : Literally spreading like bush fire.
Ghana health Service in collaboration with UNICEF and other health partners are working to improve the practice of breastfeeding in the country. The creation of an environment that supports women before and after childbirth to promote an optimal breastfeeding experience for mother and their infant, is a critical component of their on-going programs.
In commemorating the World Breastfeeding Week (WBW), committee members of the Ghana Health Service lead by Mrs. Tuntei-ya Hikima set out to engage institutions and firms who have created conditions that allow women to breastfeed optimally by providing breastfeeding corners and or nurseries. It was an honor to be selected by the committee for having the support and environment that promotes breastfeeding for mothers. The visit was to
– Assess the Nursery and breastfeeding corner
– To interact with staff who benefit from the provision of our nursery
– To discuss other arising matters
After a commencement tour of our office premises, the nursery was inspected for the following
– Breastfeeding corner,
– Storage (for expressed milk),
– Waste disposal and infant changing table/room and how child friendly the office was.
Our visiting committee members were then joined by AX parents who benefited from the AX Nursery. The company CEO Nana Akua Birmeh, Efua Odai; the Senior Project Architect who is a nursing lactating mother , Nathaniel Nii Ashitey Hammond; Architectural CAD Technician, Jonathan Dugbartey; Logistics officer, and myself Edith Asmah; Business Development executive were selected for this session.It was heartwarming to hear accounts of how they all ( and not just me !) benefited from the child friendly environment and the nursery.
Including how mothers could practice optimal breastfeeding because the office allowed and provided for it. In Nana Akua’s words “Life happened” and she envisioned creating a LIFE- WORK balance at Archxenus for all staff (FEMALE and MALE). A noteworthy occurrence  was the acceptance of Efua’s unexpected requested to be the ARCHXENUS Ambassador of exclusive breastfeeding .
We were requested to join the  Ghana Health Service and its partners’ Campaign currently being spearheaded and were informed of future dealings with the company on this matter. It was rewarding to know that unintentionally Archxenus is playing a role by being a model for other institutions and firms.

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