Calling endlessly, trying to contact the firm through all means possible: social media platforms, emails, text messages sounds like a hustle if you ask me. For most who go through this know its worth it. Finally getting a response can be nerve wrecking especially when you’re unsure of a slot. The relieve of being half way through: design portfolio still pending for submission, awaiting the green light to be an intern, gives a sense of uncertainty of the experience on is going to get.

The prelude to any internship can be exciting, especially with us at Archxenus because we demand a lot more than the usual: dropping a letter, with or without a portfolio and automatically becoming an intern. For us the process of getting anyone on board our internship training program is to self-assess and see how much knowledge they have acquired. This is why we’ll have you present a portfolio before undergoing the internship. Though it helps us assess how we can help interns, it gives the intern an opportunity to monitor their progress over the period they’re with us.

In choosing a firm for internship I believe everyone has certain values they will want to acquire as well as a wealth of experience they will want to bag up. For some, being a part of an organization is either tied to salary, personal development, and being part of a vision: giving off their very best. For all these stated, whether apply as an intern or a future employee, it’s a process of finding one’s passion and discovering one’s true interests. Internships creates a chance to be trained in diverse departments to pick up sort skills needed in the professional world.

Over the years, Archxenus has built up its capacity, with a mix of professionals and interns. These interns have gone through internship programs, national service and are currently staff of the company. The refining process was a gradual build up of their capacity and their commitment to be able to function best in their various skills.

At Archxenus, Internship is as good as applying for a job with a well structured program for it:

  • Introduction to CAD softwares
  • Introduction to presentation softwares
  • Presentation skills

– Oral

– Graphical

  • Design procedure and principles

2018 has been an intense refining process for our interns here at Archxenus, with a blend of architecture students and architecture technology students. The study program for internship centers around research and design, enabling them to harness their creativity and interpretation of design.

The process, we hope, will help them identify their strengths, abilities and capacity. We wish for their minds to proactively look at various approaches to design: going through a thorough procedure to give the best outcome.

As an architectural firm it’s our duty to assist in bringing out a better perspective to our student interns on what the built environment is, understanding development patterns and understanding design needs and interventions.

The internship program has a coordinator and each intern assigned to an Architect or Technician who mentors and guides them through the Internship program.

There are measures put in place for interns who go off track or need more push, and its a ‘naughty corner’ in our CEO’s office. This is a one-on-one approach to help them refocus before they join their ‘pack’ and we’ve seen improvement with this intervention.

Presentations are organized for our interns to cultivate a habit of public speaking and also demonstrate their thought process in design.

The internship program seeks to ignite in our interns commitment, consistency, diligence and curiosity in their endeavors, seeking to be the best at whatever they do.

This is a process we are committed to, and we are hopeful and expectant of their transformation and growth.


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