Staff Appreciation

A section of our design team members with their touch of perfection on all they do, executed their tasks with commitment and excellence. They worked on major Proposals covering
– Tourism Proposals: Kintampo, and Paga Crocodile sanctuary,
– Housing for Sodom and Gomora (now nicknamed EDEN) and
– Proposals for Ministries Accra and the Transport terminal (Tema Station)
There were late nights and sleep overs at the office just so deadlines are met and for me the highlights of all their efforts were during the early hours of the submission day, 21st September, 2018.
I walked into the office early that day and I actually thought I was late as the office was unusually packed with the team that stayed over. On entering the design studio, I noticed there was no light as the stabilizers were beeping.
There was so much going on in the silence that I could feel the tension. Projects were being rendered, presentations being organized, amidst all this, calls were being made to logistic to get the power running. For a brief moment I my eye caught Charlotte, one of our new national service persons, who experienced her very first stay over and she looked so fatigued yet bent on meeting deadline.
It quickly reminded me why we do what we do and it was just because we loved it and Archxenus gives us a platform to do what we love.
We want to HYPE the design team who put their very last into delivering these projects. The Quality of work, the presentation: a group of “Hardworkers”
Sayid Frimpong Kwaning,

Kafui Anyomedie,

Abdel Kader Abdoul A. Amadou,

Kwame Safo A. Mensah,

Desmond Asempapa,

Phelim Owusu,

Saleh Marie Jeanne,

Charlotte Owusu-Ansah and

Kojo Haizel.

From Archxenus and our Boss Chicks, Nana Akua Birmeh and Agnes Ofosu Appiah we thank you for your all your efforts.

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