Summer Break!

Summer break is almost over and the AX children will leave us soon.

This is my first experience of school summer break in Archxenus.

Indeed, having benefitted from the child friendly environment by being able to bring my 4 year old daughter to work whenever there was the need to, I appreciated that there was a purpose fitted nursery just upstairs where she could hang out, eat, learn and play with whichever kids also showed up that day!  This summer break was a whole new ball game to me.

I did a count and out of 41staff and has a total of a whoping 41 kids from 17 parents!

Parents having four (4) children

  • Nana Akua; Wamal, Maalon, Yel-minni, Soziama Birmeh
  • Mavis: Micaela, Michelle, Michelin and Michael Adu Menyah
  • Nathaniel: Lydia, Ephraim, Cyril and Obed Hammond
  • Felix: Giovanni, Giovanna, Gerianna and Cerry Attoh

Parents having three (3) children

  • Yvonne: Aseda, Adepa, Ayeyi Attobrah
  • Lydia: Yayra, Yayrali, kekeli Deletsi
  • Paula:
  • Edwin: Kevin, Felix, Phinhas Baidoo

Parents with two (2) children

  • Efua: Nathan and Phanual Odai
  • Nunya: Fiadupe and Dzidepo Tettey
  • Seth: Giovanni and Giovanna Okine
  • Ernest: Gwendolyn and Quentin Tagoe

Parents with one (1) child

  • Rosemary: Ian Seshie
  • Edith (me): Ayeyi Asmah
  • Gideon: Nhyira Nana Ama Asamoah
  • Joe: Melissa Dugbatey
  • Divine: Godstar mawuyram Atagba

For most parents, the holidays are a time to figure out what to do with their kids. Some enroll theirs in summer programs, others just ship them off to grandparents and a few still don’t know what to do.

In AX, this burden is somewhat relieved by the small but impactful intervention of providing nursery space and indeed this year we had an average of 7 kids hanging out at the office.

For the majority, the ability to combine family and work life is very important and having a fair balance of both is ideal. Archxenus has created an environment for this to thrive and in the near future has plans to provide the nursery with a designated nannie(s) to cater for the children.

How do we manage to get any work done with kids literally running around, budging into meetings, colonizing peoples’ workstations and sometimes breaking into a random fight you ask?

Well we Do and we Don’t.

We DO because while we work, we don’t worry about what’s happening with the kids where we would have otherwise left them: Did they eat their food? Did they get hurt? Is someone abusing them? Did a monster come and eat them up…(lol)?

While we work, we have our peace of mind.

Sometimes we DON’T: you have to get off your desk to stop a fight in the garden, or like Efua, our senior Project Architect, run upstairs at the sound of her 3-month old baby crying for feeding time.

The fulfilling aspect is that she gets to breastfeed, change diaper, and leave him in the able hands of her nanny before coming back to continue her work.

Having to take my child to work wasn’t entirely new for me but in this case, it was allowed and provided for and everyone chips in to help a parent when needed.

Its not uncommon to find a client or visitor get accosted by one of the older kids in an intense conversation while waiting in the reception!

Or conducting an entire meeting with a full view of a football match in the garden.

For all other staff, having the children around is both refreshing and distracting but it’s been nice to see kids born amongst us, grow up to start school before our eyes and become special little people with their own unique personalities…


To balance work and family harmoniously will be an ideal situation for every parent yet parents, especially mothers, have to choose giving up their career to be present for their children.

Staying at home should be a choice and not an option!!!

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