World Architecture Day 2018

October 1st 2018 marked the WORLD ARCHITECTURE DAY and AX chose to commemorate this day with in-house presentations of various projects carried out by the firm ranging from private residences, urbanization revitalization and master planning, civic projects and commercial projects.

This was primarily intended to showcase our works to the non-technical and support staff who by virtue of their work sometimes miss the amazing projects that are cooking right there in the office!

It was indeed enlightening to witness the visible awe that permeated through the room as architect after architect came up to engage the audience in the inspirations and processes behind these works.One theme that became abundantly evident throughout the sessions, was the undeniable impact of what we do: “The Power of Architecture”.

The immense responsibility on a designer to utilize simple tools and elements to set the perfect stage for life to ‘happen’ at all levels and not only happen, but happen efficiently, respectfully and sustainably, all within the perfect confines of artistic expressions.
Indeed, the nature of our space can determine how we think and behave, and at Archxenus, we don’t take this responsibility for granted. We through design address and appeal to the needs of our clients.

It’s was interesting to see how our HR, Rosemary Seshie had very critical questions and observations. This gave an opportunity for the Architects to be critiqued and to test their ability to respond to the contrarian views.
One of the outstanding moments of presentation was Abdel Kader A. Amadou’s, a staff from Niger, impeccable introduction to his project, The Elmina Bay. It buttressed the fact that every site/project has a story and the ability to understand and showcase this story gives its users an amazing experience.

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